Voyage Grand V provides similar services to a regular travel agency, but with an interesting twist. The unique difference is that our goal is to change North Americans’ travel habits by creating authentic group travels throughout the year. As travellers, we are responsible for the environmental impact that we leave behind in each country we visit. Our agency focuses on socially responsible travel and being environmentally friendly. The term “Flashback Agency” is used to distinguish ourselves from other agencies who don`t have the same visions as our own.

Voyage Grand V specializes in the organization of custom-made trips, whether you are alone or wish to travel with friends. We offer unique, socially responsible and authentic travel that will not only provide you with exciting new experiences, but will create wonderful memories that will endure for a lifetime. We also offer two other choices of group travel each year for those who would like to blend in with a group of travellers.


Just as the birds migrate south in winter to more temperate climates, North Americans also enjoy travel once winter begins to escape frigid temperatures. The reason we are called Grand V is because similar to geese, we form a large “V” formation with groups of 8 to 10 travellers who look forward to a unique friendly travel experience into unknown territory.


You don’t need much to travel with Voyage Grand V. Here are three points that will open your mind to new ways of travelling.

Stay Local

It is important to consume (eat or drink) locally and be ready to get out of your comfort zone. You are not in your own homeland, but in someone else’s homeland. To discover new cultures, you must live them. An important part of travel is to experience and discover new experiences for the first time. Be ready to embrace the idea of doing things for the very first time.

Leaving Nothing Behind

When visiting another country, consider the local people as Masters of their country. Inviting yourself to another country is similar to inviting yourself into a stranger’s home. Simply put, follow the rules and do things as they are supposed to be done. Most importantly, respect the environment you are visiting. How would you react if a complete stranger walked into your home with their dirty boots leaving a mess behind? It is similar for the environment.

The School of Life

When you travel it is important to be “open-minded”, ready to learn about the world we live in. Being thousands of kilometers away from home in a totally different climate allows you to meet different people and to experience their cultures. Enjoy and appreciate your surroundings and consider other people’s points of view. Remember, there are several trains of thought and none of them is better than the other. Accept differences, whether you agree or not. Travelling reminds us that the world in which we live is not infinite. Let’s take good care of it.

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